E-mail Notice of Non-Scaling Text

Note: This e-mail is from August 2002. The specific content is a little outdated; however, the approach is still valid. For additional guidance, see How to Contact Organizations about Inaccessible Websites (2009).

The following is an e-mail message that I send to webmasters. Suggestions much appreciated, to Shawn@uiAccess.com!

Copyright exception: You are free to copy the text of this message and modify it for your use, without any credit to Shawn or UIAccess.

Dear Webmaster -

I recently visited your website and had difficulty reading the text. I increased the text size in my browser; however, because of the way font sizes are set on your site, the text did not increase as it should.

People with low vision, including people who are older, can use browser text resizing to make small text larger so they can read it. While all major browsers provide text resizing functionality, web page developers can markup pages to defeat this functionality, as your pages do.

Information about using relative font sizes so that text will resize properly is available free at http://www.uiaccess.com/scaletext.html. I hope you find it helpful in providing scalable text for your website visitors.

You might also be interested in the following introductory information on web accessibility:
- "About Web Accessibility" at http://www.uiaccess.com/accessibility.html
- "Getting Started: Making a Web Site Accessible" at http://www.w3.org/WAI/gettingstarted/

I wish you all the best in your efforts to improve the accessibility of your website, and am looking forward seeing your updated site!


- Shawn

Shawn Lawton Henry