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uiAccess is a leading resource for user interface accessibility. uiAccess provides these resources on transcripts:

These resources are written by Shawn Henry, a highly respected usability and accessibility specialist, international speaker, and author.

Sponsorship Levels

As a top sponsor of uiAccess Transcript pages, you get:

Three sponsorship levels are described below:

Sponsorship Levels Table
  Platinum Gold Silver
1. Web pages main pages main pages main pages
2. Online position Above fold (Above fold) (Below fold)
3. Print position Top & Bottom Bottom Bottom
4. Your logo 150 x 150 100 x 25 100 X 25
5. Listing highlight highlight & note highlight & note note
6. Tweet yes yes no

Silver level sponsorship is $100 US dollars for most organizations, and $50 for non-profit/charity disability organizations.

Options Descriptions

The options from the chart above are described below:

  1. Web pages – Logo on main pages, currently Transcripts on the Web and Transcription Services.
  2. Online position – On the transcript web pages listed above, logo above or below the fold (that is, visible without scrolling) on common configurations, such as Firefox browser with default settings on 1024x768 screen resolution. For the Transcription Services page, all logos are at the top. For most other pages, logos are stacked along the right (like on this page) and whether Gold and Silver are above or below the fold is determined by how many other sponsors there are. Sponsors are listed in order of level: Platinum first, then Gold, then Silver.
  3. Print position – When pages are printed, logo is at the top of the first page and/or the bottom of the last page of Transcripts on the Web; and at both the top and bottom, or near the top only, of the Transcription Service page.
  4. Logo – Images of about 150px width by 150px height, or 100px width by 25px height. Can be company logo, product logo, or other logo or text as agreed upon. Linked to appropriate page on your website.
  5. Listing highlight – Listing on the Transcription Services page will include in the Notes column: "[Sponsors these uiAccess Transcripts pages]. For platinum and gold, your row in the listing table is highlighted, as shown in table above.
  6. Tweet - A tweet from shawn_slh thanking you for sponsoring the transcription pages.


To learn more about sponsoring uiAccess transcripts contact:
Shawn Henry


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uiAccess Transcripts Sponsorship Policy

Unless otherwise agreed, sponsorship are for 2 years and benefits are automatically extended for additional years at no additional fee, unless there is a change in status of the resource.

The Sponsor program consists solely of acknowledgment of sponsorship according to to details in the uiAccess Transcripts Sponsorship Policy . The order of listing Sponsors is at uiAccess.com's discretion, with higher levels listed first.

uiAccess.com reserves the right to reject sponsors. Links to websites with content that uiAccess.com deems objectionable will be refused. uiAccess.com reserves the right to cease Sponsor acknowledgment—that is, logos and links—at any time. In general, uiAccess.com will only do so when the content published at the linked site becomes objectionable. In a case where uiAccess.com ceases to acknowledge a Sponsor, the contribution will not be refunded.

uiAccess.com reserves the right to change the Sponsor program and policy at any time, for example, to redefine amount for new Sponsorship.